Photochemical audio speaker grilles

Audio Applications
Speaker mesh metal manufactured from chemical etching improves the appearance and performance of audio equipment. Perforated metal speaker grilles, for example, are very popular options for customized sound systems. At Tongjin Etching Company, we specialize in manufacturing custom metal speaker grilles that are high quality and reliable.

Benefits of a photochemical speaker grill
A quality etching perforated speaker grill can make all the difference regarding sound quality, product longevity, and branding. A metal mesh speaker grill has to be a triple performer — delivering acoustics, aesthetics, and durability. A metal speaker grill sheet is carefully designed to allow the appropriate amount of sound to pass through while protecting the speaker components from the elements and, at the same time, providing a design that accurately represents the product.
Etching perforated metal is the best material to meet the unique requirements needed for intricate speaker grilles and screens. Tongjin Etching Company supplies standard and customized speaker mesh metal grills to manufacturers, designers, architects, and sound engineers.

What we can do for Speaker Grilles
We work closely with you regarding metal mesh speaker specifications to ensure you get just what you need. Here are just a few options and considerations:

  • Clean aesthetics that complement your unique environment;
  • Customize for your desired open area. Hole patterns and sizes optimal for acoustical performance;
  • Custom patterns to achieve the design you prefer;
  • End and side margins for clean-looking finished sides;
  • Choice of any shape that can be stamped or rolled, so your project is formed to your speaker grill metal mesh sheet specifications;
  • Etching, forming, radius rolling, countersunk mounting holes, and corner profiling, so the component fits seamlessly into the speaker cabinet;
  • A variety of finishes to match your color theme
  • Custom image perforating to brand your speaker with your company name or logo

We help you with branding by providing etching solution to replicate logos or design motifs in the metal pattern. We can also apply your logo as a decal or sticker, plastic card, or electronic device with your brand onto the speaker grill mesh sheet.
Why Choose Tongjin Etching ?
Etching perforated sheet metal speaker grilles and other quality perforated metal products, we know this business better than anyone else and take a customer-centric approach.
Tongjin Etching Company simplifies your purchase of perforated metal audio components. There is no need to buy inexpensive parts from one distributor and then send them to another manufacturer for the proper speaker grill metal mesh sheet assembly and finishing.

  • We have the expertise and equipment to design, etching, stamping, roll, and finish audio components.
  • All work is done in-house, in one place, and correctly — which removes headaches and worry.
  • Everything will integrate seamlessly in assembly, and the final component's edges match up for a clean, finished look.
  • We also can work with your other suppliers on a project — we have an excellent track record for collaboration.

Whatever the process, your end result is a perforated metal speaker grille that's a top performer.

Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before custom photo etched speaker grilles.
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Photo etched speaker grilles: 10 frequently asked questions

The chemical etching process involves selectively removing material from metal sheets, creating intricate patterns and perforations. This allows us to achieve precise and detailed designs for speaker grilles, ensuring optimal acoustics.

We work with a variety of metals, including stainless steel, aluminum, and brass. Each metal offers unique characteristics, allowing us to customize speaker grilles according to the desired aesthetic and functional requirements.

Chemical etching provides unparalleled precision, intricate detailing, and cost-effective production. It allows us to create complex designs with minimal material waste, resulting in high-quality, customized speaker grilles.

Certainly! We have a sample showcase display a variety of speaker grilles we've produced using chemical etching. You can see the fine details, precision, and diverse designs achieved through our process.

Our turnaround time depends on the complexity and quantity of the order. Generally, we strive to provide efficient and timely production. We can discuss specific timelines based on your project requirements.

Quality control is a top priority for us. We employ rigorous inspection processes at every stage of production to ensure the integrity, accuracy, and consistency of the speaker grilles. Our experienced team is dedicated to meeting the highest standards.

Absolutely. Our chemical etching process allows for full customization. We can work with your specific design requirements and create bespoke speaker grilles tailored to your needs.

Safety is paramount in our facility. We follow strict safety protocols, including the use of protective gear, proper ventilation, and adherence to environmental regulations. Our team is well-trained to ensure a secure working environment.

Yes,we prioritize environmental sustainability. Our chemical etching process is designed to minimize environmental impact, and we adhere to eco-friendly practices, including proper disposal and recycling of materials.

Certainly. We can provide you with a detailed pricing breakdown based on your specific requirements, including design complexity and order quantity. Let's sit down and discuss the details to ensure we meet your budget and expectations.

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